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 Growing up in a musical home

Growing up in a musical family has been it's own adventure for sure! I don't even remember starting the violin when I was 5 years old. It has simply always been part of my life! As a child I remember my dad putting musical performances together for all of us siblings to perform in church, for relatives, old folks homes, talent shows. It was a unique way that we all felt united as a family. 

When I was 11 years old I remember every Friday doing "Game day" which meant that every Friday morning we would play music games! Some of the games helped us to memorize rhythms or note keys. I would compete with my other siblings to earn M&Ms. "Game day" was something that I always looked forward to.

   I have had different people ask me if my dad made all of us kids play instruments. He never forced us, rather he reminded us consistently that we could quit if we ever felt like it. Because of that never did quit! I was 17 when my family moved to California and my dad started Temecula Conservatory of Music. This business became a family business! All of these years I worked alongside my siblings and parents to set up every concert, redesign our music studio, select concert music and so much more!

   As you can see, music has been my family's way of life! It has filled our home with beautiful sounds and we have been able to bless many ears! I entirely credit my parents for creating this amazing experience for us kids. I know that it has been a blessing and I wouldn't trade my musical upbringing for anything!

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Performing makes me feel alive!



   Since I was a 5 year old little girl learning to play the violin, I have loved and craved performing! My dad has a video of bringing me at 5 years old to Macaroni Grill where he was a violin performer. He stood me on the table for all staff and customers to see. I played my song and he tried to get me down but I was not done yet. I kept playing for a few more songs because I loved the feeling of performing!

















Why do I love being in front of a crowd on stage? When I perform, I am telling a story. The music that sings from my violin touches hearts of those in the crowd in a way that gives me the power to captivate and create an experience. Those moments of power are special and can invite feelings of love, sadness, hope, courage, and excitement. To hold that power is a great opportunity that I cherish.

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Of all of those feelings to instill in someone, I most dearly love being able to bring hope to a weary heart. I have many beautiful memories playing at funerals, weddings, events, concerts and church where I helped people feel hope and joy.


       People would tell me how much peace my performance brought to them and I felt gratitude for the gift I had the ability to give. Those moments make the many, many hours of practicing worth it! I hope to continue sharing my gift of music performance to bring hope and fill souls with joy!

The Story of a Violin Teacher

I have loved playing violin my whole life. It was a challenging instrument that I felt like I should master. Years and years of practicing helped me to hone my skills and discover what I was capable of! What I didn't know during my childhood and teenage years of practicing was just how much it would pay off one day!

      After attending my first semester of college I came home for a few months break before my second semester. During that time at home my dad handed me 10 students from his music school, Temecula Conservatory of Music, to teach violin lessons to. At first I felt so intimidated! I was teaching alongside professionals and teachers that had years of teaching experience. But I soon realized how much I loved helping these children become amazing musicians!




     Over the past 7 years I have taught violin lessons and I continue to enjoy my students and all that I learn from them! What I have loved the most has been seeing them overcome difficult songs after working so hard. I have loved watching children discover their potential and their love for music. After years of practicing I can help others walk the same path I did as my profession! I have come to love these kids and I am so thankful to be a violin teacher!

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