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My Story

How It All Began

Throughout my whole life, music has been such a wonderful way I have been able to express myself and share joy with others. I began playing the violin at age 5 and was taught by my father, a strolling violinist named Brad Bohn. I was tutored in a form of the Suzuki method for the next 13 years. I had the amazing opportunity to audition and be a part of the Albuquerque Junior Symphony and the Albuquerque Youth Orchestra in my high school years.

     After moving to California, my family started an amazing music school called "Temecula Conservatory of Music." Over the past 10 years I have been able to be a violin teacher in this program and assisted the students in achieving a Gold rating competition at Carnegie Hall in 2019. Since moving to Utah Valley in 2020, I have taught violin regularly and performed for dozens of weddings and events! I absolutely love to share my gift with those in this area and I plan to do so for many years to come! 

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