Music Selection

Below are many options of songs I can perform, but you are welcome to request any specific songs you desire me to learn before the performance!

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Wedding repertoire


Ceremony Favorites

1.Trumpet Voluntary

2.Ode to Joy

3.Pachelbel's Canon


Reception and Cocktail Party Pieces

1. Wedding march 1

2. Trumpet tune

3. Air 1

4. Trumpet voluntary

5. Pure imagination

6. Horn pipe

7. Jesu, joy of mans desiring

8. Con ti partiro

9. Air 2#

10. Allegro non troppo 

11. Music of the night (Phantom of the Opera)

12. La Rejoussance


13. Edelweiss

14. Canon in D

15. Gavotte- full version

16. Wedding March 2

17. Minuet 1

18. Minuet 2

19. Minuet 3

20. Gavotte

21. Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus


23. Bouree

24.Sonata No.3 in F Major

26. Minuet 5

27. Humoresque

28. Gavotte in G major

29. Bouree Movement 2

30. My Heart will go on (Titanic)

31. Thousand Years

32. Can’t help falling in love

33. Ode to Joy

34. Hallelujah

35. From this moment (Shania Twain)

Performance Favorites

Plays and Broadway


Sound of Music- Edelweiss

Sound of Music theme

Phantom of the Opera- Think of me

Phantom of the Opera- Music of the night

Fiddler on the roof theme

Fiddler on the roof- If I were a rich man

Fiddle Favorites

Devil went down to Georgia

Devil's dream

Boiling cabbage

Country Dance

Disney Classics

Charlie and the chocolate factory- Pure Imagination

Beauty and the beast theme

Aladdin theme

Can you feel the love tonight (Lion King)

You’ll be in my heart (Tarzan)

I see the light (Tangled)

Go the distance (Hercules)

Let it go (Frozen)

Star Wars theme

Harry Potter theme

Somewhere over the rainbow

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Fritz Seitz Concerto No.2, 3rd mvt, Allegretto Moderato


Fritz Seitz Concerto No. 5, Mvt 1,

Allegro Moderato


Fritz Seitz Concerto No. 5, Mvt 3,

Rondo: Allegretto

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in A minor, Op.3, No.6, 1st Mvt Allegro; 3rd Mvt Presto

Bach Concerto for 2 Violins in D minor- Vivace- Violin 1 and 2

Bach- Gavotte

Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor, Op.3, No. 6- 2nd mvt. Largo

Vivaldi concerto in G Minor- Allegro, Adagio

Veracini Gigue Sonata in D Minor-Allegro Vivace

Corelli- La Folia

Handel: Sonata No. 3 in F Major

Adagio, Largo, Allegro

Fiocco Allegro

Rameau Gavotte

Handel: Sonata No.4 in D Major: Affetuoso, Largo, Allegro, Larghetto