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Violin Lessons

"Being a violin teacher has brought me so much joy!  My favorite part has been watching children progress from completely inexperienced musicians to incredible violinists after years of dedication and practicing. What a beautiful thing to witness." -Lindsey Bohn

Lindsey Violin Commercial

Lindsey Violin Commercial

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  • 30-min weekly lesson

    Every month
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What do you need to start?

  • A Violin or viola (Order one from Amazon or a local violin shop to start) If the student is older than 16, they will be a 4/4 size. If student is younger than 16 years old, contact me and I will help you determine the correct size violin to purchase or rent.

  • Shoulder rest (preferably Kuhn) -Purchase one the same size as the violin.

  • Rosin 

  • Paschal Method Book

  • Suzuki Book 1

  • Beginner Scales Book

  • Tuner

How do you start lessons?
  • Purchase the needed items to start violin lessons.

  • Contact Lindsey through text or email

  • Work out a lesson time with Lindsey that fits into her teaching schedule.

  • Lindsey will send the Lindsey Bohn Violin policies to be signed, initialed, and returned to her.

  • Pay on the first of the month to begin lessons.

Do you offer online or in-person lessons?

Both online lessons and in-person lessons are offered. If lessons are requested online a zoom link will be sent to the student on the day of the lesson. If lessons are requested to be in-person the lesson will be held in Provo, UT.

What violin teaching method is used?

The Paschal Method is the first used in teaching new students. This method ensures that they do not create bad habits and sets them up for success. This method can take up to 12 weeks to complete based on the experience and age of the student. The next method used is Suzuki. Students begin in book 1 and must pass off each song memorized and with the background piano. This method gradually increases the level of difficulty of the music. Along with Suzuki the students will begin to learn and master scales which are the building blocks of music.


As the student increases in skill and ability they are allowed to bring additional music to their lessons that they would like to learn. This flexibility assures that the students enjoy their experience with the violin as they explore music that they love. After years of practice if the student completes the seventh book of Suzuki we will begin High level training learning sonatas and concertos. 

How does billing work?

Students will pay the monthly payment on the first of each month through Venmo. Checks and cash are not accepted. If the payment is not made on that date, lessons will not be offered for that month. 

What policies should I be aware of with violin lessons?

If you are interested in violin lessons please contact me. When a lesson time is decided the lessons policies will be sent to the student's email. After looking over the policies the student/parent will initial and sign the policies and return them through email. During this process feel free to ask questions about the policies.

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